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Clarins India: Men Face Care

Understanding men’s face care and its importance

Effective skin care for men takes more than just washing your face with whatever cleanser is at hand. Just like the ladies, your skin could stand to benefit from a thorough men’s facial care routine complete with cleanser, moisturiser, facial toner, eye and anti-ageing products. Depending on whether you have normal, oily, dry/sensitive, combination or ageing skin, there are plenty of men’s skincare products to help you tackle your skin concerns.

A brief guide on the ideal men’s skincare routine

A man’s facial care routine should consist of a cleanser, toner, scrub, moisturiser, sunscreen, eye cream and anti-ageing cream to ensure all bases are covered.

1. Cleansers & Toners

Cleansing and toning should be done twice daily to ensure you remove dirt, grime and excess oil to prevent clogged pores and breakouts. A clean canvas is a must for the following steps to ensure you’ve rid your face of pollutants, hence it’s important to follow up with a men’s facial toner like the ClarinsMen Fresh Moisture Toner.

2. Exfoliate

If you have the time for it, exfoliating is also a great way to ensure your skin successfully sheds dead skin cells and other pollutants that cause dull skin. Save some time in your skincare routine with a men’s 2-in-1 exfoliating cleanser like our Clarinsmen Exfoliating Cleanser if you’re not keen on adding extra steps to your skincare regime. Exfoliation should be done at least twice a week to remove deep-seated pore-clogging debris. However, don’t get overzealous with the exfoliators as scrubbing too often can also result in dried out, sensitive skin.

3. Shave

An additional benefit of exfoliating is that it gives you a cleaner, closer shave. Are razor burns, nicks and cuts common occurrences when shaving or post-shave? Always use a men’s foaming gel like our ClarinsMen Smooth Shave when shaving to provide a smoother, friction-free shave. For a post-shave remedy, try applying a layer of men’s soothing aftershave to reduce irritations and soothe razor burns.

4. Moisturise

Once your skin is cleansed and purified, it’s time to move on to moisturising. A lightweight men’s moisturiser like our Super Moisture Gel will help deliver a shot of hydration to your skin, all while keeping skin cool and non-greasy so your skin will remain shine-free. Moisturising delivers soothing nutrients to your skin while creating a barrier to protect it from pollutants. A general men’s skin moisturiser is important to hydrate your skin but you should not neglect your eye area as well. True to the adage of the eyes being windows to the soul, your eye area will show the ravages of time long before the rest of your face will as it is the most sensitive part of your skin. Hence eye products specifically designed for men should also be a part of your skincare regime as they will help to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines to showcase bolder, brighter eyes.

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