Beginner’s Makeup Guide: How To Choose and Apply Foundation?

Foundation is the cornerstone of every flawless look yet interestingly, it is the one step where many women stumble. Choosing the wrong foundation shade, not setting your makeup, applying foundation before your moisturiser is dry and even applying too much foundation are some of the common reasons why your makeup looks flaky rather than flawless. While getting the right shade is a matter of trial and error that needs a sharp eye and good lighting, flaky foundation is something you can remedy if you learn how to apply foundation correctly.

The Perfect Canvas

You can’t expect the paint to go on smoothly on a rough and patchy surface, so how would you expect to be able to apply foundation flawlessly on dry skin? A good skincare routine that keeps your skin hydrated and free of fine lines will help your foundation and subsequent beauty products to sit properly on your face. Don’t rely on just make-up alone to even out your skin tone, it is best to include a skincare product that addresses these skin concerns before application of makeup even begins. Cleanse your skin, moisturise, then let the magic begin.

What Foundation Should I Use?

Foundations are not one-size-fits-all products. What works for your friend or favourite celebrity may not work for you, so it is best to learn what your skin type needs and what your skin concerns are before you make a purchase.

Liquid foundations are generally the easiest to blend and it is a great option for those with dry or combination skin as it provides high coverage without drying out skin. Applying it with a wet or dry sponge yields a more natural finish while application with a brush such as the Clarins Multi-use Foundation Brush provides fuller and more even coverage. For a youthful glow and high coverage, opt for the Skin Illusion SPF15 that comes in 6 different shades will be your skin’s ideal solution. A combination of the fluidity of a serum and the optimal amount of pigment, it bestows your skin a fresh and silky-smooth effect while hydrating it.

Powder foundations are convenient and easier to apply. Typically available in a compact case, it is a quick on-the-go fix. However, due to its dry formulation, it is recommended for oily skin that doesn’t have too many fine lines. It yields a lightweight, natural and matte-looking finish.

Cushion foundations combine the convenience of powder foundations and the finish and coverage of liquid foundations. A compact that consists of a foundation-soaked sponge pad and sponge applicator, it is one of the easiest to use as it provides buildable coverage and packs all the necessary tools into a convenient and lightweight package. It is also perfect for foundation beginners who are still unsure of how to apply foundation flawlessly. You don’t even have to know any specific tips or tricks about how to put on foundation, simply take the sponge applicator out, gently pat it against the foundation-soaked sponge and tap away!

Just starting out on your make-up journey and need something long-wearing yet hydrating? The Everlasting Cushion Foundation+ SPF50 PA+++ is what you are looking for. A 2-in-1 product that protects and hydrates while giving you the glowing, radiant complexion of your dreams, it is also easy to apply. A few taps with the sponge applicator and you are ready to face your day with a flawless, fresh complexion.

How To Apply Foundation

While there are thousands of videos on how to put on foundation correctly, the rule of thumb is to only apply where it is truly necessary and to apply it bit by bit as slapping it all on immediately will result in a caked-on look. However, if you are applying a full face of foundation, then it is best to blend all the way down to your neck, so start applying your foundation from the centre of your face and slowly work your way outwards, blending it out as you go with stippling motions.

If you are using a beauty blender or wet/dry sponge, dot liquid foundation all over your face and go over it with the sponge, blending your way slowly outwards. Don’t rush the process as you’ll need to ensure the product is evenly distributed to avoid a cakey look.

If you are wondering how to apply liquid foundation using a foundation brush, the process is actually similar to applying your foundation with a sponge. Simply take a little of your product onto your brush tip and blend away in buffing motions. Brushes such as our Multi-use Foundation Brush are very versatile tools. It can handle powder, liquid and cream foundations with ease. For powder foundation application with a foundation brush, simply swipe your brush against the powder until you get enough product, gently tap it to get the excess powder off and brush away lightly on your face.

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