Double Serum

Double Serum
The Golden Standard of Youthful Looking Skin

Firm, Smooth, Radiant

Clarins pioneering Double Serum was born in 1985. Inherited 35 years of skin care expertise and the continuous plant-science research with proven results, establishing the authority of anti-aging! The formula has proven highly effective for women of all ages and all skin types, even sensitive skin.

After 7 days, there is instant radiance on the face with pores and fine lines reduced, which contributed to visibly younger looking skin*. Over 90% of the respondants agreed that their skin has restored radiance**.

98% Skin is firmer** 98%

98% Fine
lines are
diminished** 98%

94% Skin is
smoother** 94%

100% Skin is more radiant** 100%

*Satisfaction test - multi-ethnic panel - 362 women, 7 days
**Satisfaction test, 49 women, after use

Women love it so much - 1 Double Serum is sold every 5 seconds around the world^

^Double Serum Range - Clarins internal sales in volume Jan-Dec 2019


Innovative Plant Science research results

21 powerful anti-aging plant extracts concentrated in a unique “2:1 water-oil” double formula, stimulating the 5 skin’s vital functions: regeneration, nutrition, protection, oxygenation and hydration:


Double Serum

An adjustable pump design for your tailored dose! Sweet!

Seasons change. So do your skin’s needs.
Double Serum’s adjustable dial pump releases a customized amount of product into your palm—from a tiny drop to a power shot—depending on your skin’s needs, the climate or season.

Drag the arrow

Double Serum
Double Serum

Good for the skin, good for the planet

Responsible beauty
Double Serum contains 9 organic ingredients and 3 ingredients that are Fair Trade Certified. The purchase of Banana, Ginger Lily and Leaf of Life includes a contribution to help develop the local communities that harvest the plants.

Less waste
Double Serum’ eco-friendly bottle is made from recycled materials, and now requires less packaging. The double pump bottle delivers just the right amount of product for your skin’s needs to prevent overconsumption.

Double Serum

Double Serum boosts the efficacy of your anti-ageing creams.

Double Serum’s plant-packed formula boosts the performance of Clarins’s anti-aging moisturizers. Morning and night, apply before Multi-Active, Extra-Firming or Super Restorative creams for unrivaled results.

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Bought it for me and my mom. We're both loving it!!! I saw results in the first week and was pretty amazed.



This is by far the best my skin has ever looked.


Msbucks, Arizona

Double Serum
Double Serum
Double Serum
Double Serum
Double Serum
Double Serum

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