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Clarins Singapore: Cleansers

A face cleanser is the first step of every skincare routine and Clarins’ range of face wash caters for all skin types.

The Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Combination or Oily Skin is a gentle facial cleanser that contains Tamarind extracts that polishes your complexion and efficiently preserves the skin’s natural moisture balance. This is an excellent lightweight cleanser for combination skin and oily skin.

Our Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs suits normal and dry skin types. This soothing Clarins face wash removes makeup and dirt with spa-like efficiency. The mixture of Alpine Herbs, St. John’s Wort, Sweet Almond, Marshmallow and Linden leaves your skin refreshed, hydrated and supple.

Another popular cleanser for combination skin is the White Plus Pure Translucency Brightening Creamy Mousse Cleanser, which brightens up lackluster complexions and eliminates impurities and sebum. Acerola fruit, Sandspurry, Moringa and Lady’s Mantle extracts contribute to the delicious sensation of the whipped cream-like texture while ensuring the skin stays soft and radiant.

Looking for a cleansing oil that doubles as a makeup remover? Try Total Cleansing Oil, an amazing product that eliminates even the most stubborn makeup, such as waterproof mascara and pigmented foundations. It leaves no residue and preserves even the most delicate skin.

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