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Clarins Singapore: Exfoliators

Over time, dead skin cells build up on the surface of our skin, which can result in clogged pores, oily skin and pimples. Exfoliating products such as peeling creams and exfoliating cleansers helps to remove dead or dry skin cells and improve blood circulation, contributing to blemish-free, radiant skin.

Why Should We Exfoliate?

As we age, our body’s ability to regenerate skin cells deteriorate. This makes it harder for our body to get rid of old cells and dead skin. When left uncared for, the build-up of dirt and dead skin will clog pores, which leaves your skin dull and rough. In some cases, it may also lead to acne and blemishes. Exfoliating helps your other skin care products absorb more quickly, as it uncovers the fresh skin cells below. Moisturising products are more effective as it can penetrate deeper into the skin. Exfoliating regularly also keeps your skin renewed, fresh and radiant.

Choosing the Right Exfoliator for Your Face

Choosing a face scrub that suits your skin type is important as it complements the sensitivity and complexion of your skin. Clarins offers a range of exfoliating creams for the face that cater to different skin types. For instance, our Pure Scrub is an exfoliating and polishing face scrub that is suitable for combination and oily skin. Formulated with lava beads, it helps tighten pores and rematify your skin. Users with dry skin will love our Comfort Scrub, an oil-based face scrub with sugar microcrystals. You can even use it as a lip exfoliator! The Fresh Scrub, on the other hand, is great for all skin types. This exfoliating cream for the face is gentle and hydrating, leaving your skin fresh, cleansed and radiant.

You can also try the Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, a gentle exfoliator that is much more effective than the average peeling cream. This exfoliating cleanser saves time by cleaning and exfoliating at the same time, leaving your skin soft, luminous and extra clean. Orange extract refreshes and rejuvenates dull skin, while Moringa Seed extracts are packed with anti-pollution benefits to purify and restore your skin to its natural glow.

Tough on dirt and soft on skin, the Gentle Exfoliator is a refreshing exfoliating lotion that softens, brightens, and balances uneven skin tones. Apart from tightening dilated pores, it also fortifies your skin’s resilience to wrinkles - giving you the healthy, youthful glow you deserve.

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