Body Care Tips: How to Lose Side Fat On Thighs?

Fat, a dreaded word and ‘condition’ that plagues both men and women alike. The formation of fat does not discriminate regardless of age, gender or body type and while amounts of it are necessary to keep a body functioning properly, excess fat that mars the figure is certainly not welcome.

The waist, hips and thighs are notoriously stubborn for holding on to fat deposits. In fact, they’re so notorious that these fat problem spots have gained names of their own. Fat stored on the hips are known as love handles or muffin tops while fat stored on the outer surface of the upper thighs are saddlebags. Noticed that your favourite pair of jeans are a little too tight now? That’s your saddlebags causing them to no longer fit as they should.

Saddlebag fat tends to form in the underdeveloped area under your buttocks and ties in with your glutes. When the muscles of this area are underdeveloped, it becomes soft and accumulates fat which then falls towards the sides of your thighs giving the appearance of ‘bags’. But how do you remove these bags of fat from your sides?

Eat Healthy

Your food intake directly affects the formation of saddlebag fat. Avoid greasy, fatty options and reduce your sugar intake. Healthy fats such as those contained in avocados and nuts are fine but should still be eaten within reasonable amounts. Consume more protein, fibre and water. It would be a good idea to refrain from drinking too much alcohol as well.


Saddlebags begin their appearance from the back of your buttocks, so you can indeed exercise them away. But how do you exercise to lose your saddlebags? Doing cardio exercises that focus on your glutes will help to build muscles which subsequently reduces the fat stored on the sides of your thighs. Once you’ve done all the leg-work, start doing toning exercises to ensure you maintain them. Pilates and yoga may help if you prefer a gentler and more relaxing workout. Combined with the Anti-Eau Body Treatment Oil, your skin will appear firmer and more contoured in the long term.

Lifestyle Changes

It doesn’t matter if you eat healthy but are constantly stressed out and fatigued all the time. A healthy lifestyle that ensures you get adequate sleep, eat on time, remain hydrated and can release stress healthily will help your body reset itself. Take time off to meditate or simply take a walk and clear your thoughts. Clear any distractions from your bedroom and avoid using your phone before bedtime as the light from your screen may keep you awake for longer. Your metabolism will thank you for it.


You’ve eaten right, stopped drinking alcohol and started exercising regularly but the fat just won’t fall away? What else can you do to get rid of your side fat, then? A more aggressive way of tackling the issue may be liposuction. However, if surgical removal isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps a sculpting cream would be best. Clarins’ best-selling Body Shaping Cream doesn’t just help reduce stubborn fats – it helps achieve a sculpted figure and silky soft, firm skin. Made with poppy extract and caffeine which are both notable slimming ingredients, it presents you with the luxurious feeling of a massage all while blasting away the fat beneath your skin.

Saddlebag fat ruining your thighs with cellulite and stretch marks? Don’t fret, Clarins Body Fit formula addresses cellulite woes while simultaneously toning problem spots. Made with potent ingredients such as Kudzu, Kaki (Persimmon) and Sunflower extracts, your skin is renewed, nourished and toned, all in one massage. Simply massage it into skin in a clockwise motion across problem areas and voila! Say hi to a slimmer, more sculpted figure and bid adieu to saddlebag fat.

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