Body Care Tips: How to Shape Up Your Body?

Slimming products are a dime a dozen in the beauty market. From miracle treatments promising to help you drop 10kg in less than two weeks, to products that claim to burn away fat permanently and cellulite creams that promise immediate results, the varieties are endless and often at times confusing. How do you know which slimming products are safe to use and are they effective?

When used in tandem with a healthy diet and regular exercise, slimming creams can help you achieve your ideal body silhouette in no time at all. Curious to find out how to make your trim silhouette last? Here’s a list of ways on how to keep your figure slim without going through a tummy tuck and liposuction.

Balance Is Key

A healthy diet is the core of every slimming routine. Regardless of how many creams you try or how much you exercise, if you don’t eat a healthy, balanced diet, then it will all be for nothing. A balanced diet comprised of lean meats and fresh fruits and vegetables won’t just help you keep the fat from settling on problem areas, it also gives your skin a radiant glow and slows down the ageing process.

Just Keep Your Body Moving

The right exercises will help to drastically burn fat in problem areas and tone up muscles. Strength training helps improve muscle tone and reduces the likelihood of cellulite, while cardio exercises help to burn stubborn fat away and keep your blood pumping to distribute nutrients and oxygen throughout your body.

Treat your body to a post-workout massage with a body treatment oil to keep your skin moisturised and that Instagram-worthy post-workout glow could be yours too. A body firming treatment oil such as the Anti-Eau Body Treatment Oil helps to detoxify and moisturise skin while leaving skin silky smooth. Infused with aromatic essences, the treatment oil won’t just contour your body, it will leave you with an overall feeling of relaxation and soothe tired muscles - just what you need after a tiring time at the gym!

Call On The Cream

After practising the right diet and having the right amount of exercise, your weight still isn’t dropping away as fast as you would like and the cellulite marks are still extremely visible. What do you do? Sometimes your body needs a little push in the form of gentle massage creams to help it on its quest to tone up. Perhaps, an anti-cellulite slimming cream such as the Body Shaping Cream is the answer. Infused with fat-burning ingredients such as Quince, Hibiscus, Poppy and Roselle, they are a potent combo that works to get rid cellulite from the root cause, thus ensuring it stays gone.

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