Make-Up Tips: How to Apply Eye Make-Up for Asian Eyes?

In a world where big eyes and double lids were once praised for being beautiful, people are beginning to appreciate that Asian beauties have their unique kind of beauty to offer. The almond shape, monolid and famous epicanthic fold have their own charms and can make certain make-up looks pop.

So, if you are still struggling to come to terms with that, worry not. There are multiple ways you can play with eye make-up for Asian eyes, most of which are easily accessible through YouTube simply by typing ‘Asian eye make-up tutorial’. Gone are the days where those with Asian eyes would say that smokey eye make-up won’t fit them, or eyeliners won’t suit them.

While looking for inspiration for your next make-up look, sift through the list below to see the best types of make-up that would truly flatter your Asian eyes, and how to do them:

The Asian Smokey Eye

Smokey eye make-up for Asian eyes can be quite tricky to pull off, but it is not entirely impossible. One needs to make a couple of tweaks here and there to cater to the monolid, and here’s how to pull off the perfect smokey look:

1. Prime your eyes

Almost everyone has oily eyelids, and when it comes to Asian eyes, it can be even more prominent especially since there isn’t a second lid to catch all the grease. Hence, those with monolids should never skip primer, especially on the eyes. A primer will lock down any liner or shadow that you put on, and you would never have to worry about it budging. Don’t have a primer? Don’t worry, this can easily be solved with a dab of concealer on the eyelids.

2. Draw the liner on

Typically, most people would put some eyeshadow on before lining their eyes, but since we are discussing eyeliner for Asian eyes, it is best to get this part down pat - preferably with a black Waterproof Eye Pencil. It is important that you use a waterproof eyeliner, as it won’t move around the lid - especially if it is a monolid. Next, using the side of the eyeliner pencil, create a smudgy, smoky line as close as possible to your lashes. Make your way up and stop right before your crease. Remember to relax your eyes when you do this so you know exactly when to stop, and if any of your work can be seen.

3. Add eyeshadow

You can experiment with any colour you want; all you need is a good eyeshadow Choose a transitional colour, and make your way up slowly, switching colours that are in the same family if you prefer. Note that the colour should become lighter and lighter as you go further up.

4. Blend it all out

The colours and the shadows should be seamlessly blended together to the point where any skin shouldn’t peek out from between your shadow and liner. A safe way to do this is to take a neutral shadow like a light brown one, and keep blending with a brush.

5. Optional: add a smudgy liner to the bottom lash

Apply the same liner you used for your top lid just below the lash line of your bottom line. This helps to create a wide-eyed effect, and concentrating the shadow on the outer corners and sweeping it towards the middle would make your eyes look bigger and sultrier.

6. Curl the lashes

Most Asians have either short or long lashes that are straight. However, this can easily be fixed with a trusty eye curler. It is an essential part of any eye make-up, especially when mascara is involved. Hold your lashes between the curlers and press it down for a few seconds, and make sure your lashes are properly curled before moving on to the next step.

7. Coat the lashes with mascara

Choosing the right mascara for your eyelashes also plays a big role in how your eye make-up turns out. A mascara like the Wonder Perfect Mascara would be perfect to add curl, length, definition and volume to the Asian eye. On top of that, the mascara also protects the lashes and promotes healthier, thicker growth.

8. Groom the brows

Once your smokey eye is ready, make sure to pay some attention to your brows. Even if the star of the show is the smokey eye, the eyebrows need to be groomed in a way that they will complement the smokey eye instead of competing with it. First, take your Eyebrow Pencil and draw soft, hair-like strokes before brushing them in place. Then, you are all set.

The Easy Eyeliner Wing

Mastering the eyeliner for Asian eyes, especially when it comes to executing the perfect cat liner or wing liner can be quite a feat. Just as long as you know your eye shape well, you will be able to pull off the perfect eyeliner look. Here’s a basic guide:

1. Choose the right formula and type

As mentioned earlier, it is important that a waterproof eyeliner is chosen for any look that involves eyeliner. If you prefer a softer look, then an eyeliner pencil would suit your taste, but if you would like a stronger, precise look, a liquid eyeliner would be perfect for the job. If you prefer to have more control over your hand and drawing, opt for a gel eyeliner instead.

2. Know your eye shape

There is no such thing as just one type of Asian eye. A huge part of drawing the perfect eyeliner is to study the shape of your eye and knowing where you would like your liner to be.

3. Draw the line

There might be a lot of pressure when it comes to drawing the perfect triangle of a winged liner, especially when it involves a liquid or gel liner. Worry not, you can easily fix your mistakes with a cotton bud and an eye make-up remover. Start drawing from the corner of your eye, in a straight line upwards towards your brow bone. At this point, decide how thick you would like your liner to be, and slowly join the tip of your wing to the corner and middle of your eye.

4. Fill in the gaps

By now, you should have a triangle between the corner of your eye and slightly towards your brow bone. Fill this blank space with the liner. Remember to do this carefully, or you might cross the outline and change the shape completely.

5. Optional: line the rest of your eyes

Depending on your preference, you might think that lining only the outer corners would look better on you as it brings on a more feline feel. However, for a bigger, more defined look, continue lining the rest of your eyes, remaining as close as possible to your lash line. Now, you are all set.

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