Make-Up Tips: How To Choose The Best Mascara For Your Lashes?

Whether you believe it or not, your lashes have the ability to make or break your look. They can instantly turn your eyes from sleepy to wide-awake, and enhance a beautiful eyeshadow look for that extra pop.

A lot of make-up wearers have expressed their dissatisfaction with their mascaras - or mascaras in general. They might be too clumpy, tend to smudge or worse, have no effect whatsoever on their lashes. In truth, choosing a good mascara requires a lot of thought, just as one would do with moisturisers and other essential products.

Choosing the right formula for you

If you have oily eyelids, a waterproof mascara would be perfect to avoid smudges. If you have particularly sensitive eyes or prefer to have an easy wash routine, a non-waterproof one would be ideal. Last but not least, if you have to work long hours, juggle multiple roles and want to look great at all times, a long-lasting mascara would be the perfect sidekick.

Once you have decided on what would work best for you, you can then focus on what enhancing factor you would like to incorporate into your eye make-up routine.

How to apply mascara the right way

Step 1: Choose the right mascara

After following the steps mentioned above, you should be able to discern which mascara would work best in terms of both formula and consistency.

Step 2: Line your eyes with eyeliner first

It is an unspoken rule whereby the eyeliner should be drawn on first. This would allow some time for the eyeliner to dry, so you can then move on to the next step.

Step 3: Curl your eyelashes

Whether you are for eyelash curlers or not, there is no doubt that it does make a difference. It’s best not to skimp on the curler, just so your eyelashes can look the best it can. Clamp your upper lashes with the eyelash curler, before closing it and holding it for a few seconds. Repeat if necessary.

Step 4: Apply the mascara

Load your brush up with the product. Wipe any excess (if any) off the brush before coating your lashes from the roots of your lashes. Wiggle it around to ensure that every single part of your lash is coated with the pigment.

Step 5: Finish off with a top coat

As with any product, it is best to add a finishing touch. When it comes to mascara, a top coat would help to hold the lashes’ curled and volumised position. Come rain or shine, tears or smile, your lashes are guaranteed to look perfect at all times, thanks to the top coat which serves as a product sealant.

Five common mascara mistakes to avoid

1. Coating just the top

The perfect way to apply mascara is to start at the very roots of the lashes, and make your way up slowly. Avoid starting at the top, because most of the product would then sit at the top instead of at the bottom, and weigh your lashes down.

2. Swiping instead of wiggling

Another common mistake that mascara wearers often commit is swiping the product on their lashes. Get the most out of your product by wiggling the mascara wand and brush from the roots of your lashes, and in a left-to-right or zigzag motion, slowly make your way up. Repeat if necessary.

3. Using old mascara

Every mascara product has the same shelf life: six months at most. Anything longer than that will increase your risk of getting infections or adding clump to your mascara.

4. Pumping the mascara brush into the tube repeatedly

When it comes to loading the product onto your mascara brush, avoid pumping it into the tube. This will introduce air into the product, which will cause it to dry out faster. The right way to do it is to twist the wand in the tube to catch most of the pigment.

5. Not curling the lashes (or curling it at the wrong time)

As mentioned earlier, eyelash curlers do make a difference as to how curled your lashes end up. Get the most out of your mascara by curling it before applying your mascara. Remember to curl your lashes before mascara application, and not the other way round. Curling it after will risk your lashes sticking to the curler, or worse, break off halfway.

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