Wonder Perfect Mascara Waterproof

Wonder Perfect Mascara Waterproof 4D

Resists Even The Most Intense Emotions!

Couldn't believe your eyes, with Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D? Well, how about the waterproof version!

A mascara that also gives lashes volume, length, curl and definition to create the 4 dimensions of a flawless look, while visibly improving lash lengthe and volume. The more you wear it, the most beautiful your lashes become.

Its bonus? The super "Emotion-Resistant" waterproof formula which resists all daily events! The masacara stays put, even when it's up against water, humidity, heat or tears (of joy, naturally!) You can rely on it to never let you down!

A 4-Dimensional Waterproof Look

Lashes with volume, length, curve and high definition for a perfect 4-dimensional look. Try it for yourself!

Visual of before and after mascaraAFTER
Visual of before and after mascaraBEFORE

The first multi-dimensional Clarins mascara which is Water-proof, Smudge-proof & Emotion-proof.

Intense Volume

Intense Volume:

Incredible length, astounding curve and high definition from root to tip thanks to the brush's ultra-supple fibres. This mascara gently separates and thickens lashes one by one.

Intense Black

Intense Black:

100% natural mineral pigments for an intense black colour.

Protective Barrier

Protective Barrier:

Blue Lotus Wax creates protection around the lashes.

2-in-1 Eye Care

2-in-1 Eye Care:

Enriched with a unique lash-boosting serum formulated by Clarins Research to visibly lengthen lashes and strengthen them.


Whether it’s a spinning session, an afterwork drinking session with friends, a heavy bout of hay fever or a fit of giggles which never seems to end, watch out for running mascara!

With ClarinsWonder Perfect Mascara 4D Waterproof, you're safe: not only is it a waterproof mascara, it’s also the first “Emotion-Resistant” Clarins mascara that’s right by your side!

Which Mascara Is Right For You?

Volumising or Multi-dimensional, find your perfect mascara.

How would you describe your lashes?

  • Short lashes
  • Long lashes

What is the main effect you’re looking for?

  • Lash length
  • Lash volume

What result are you looking for?

  • Natural make-up
  • Sophisticated make-up

Above all, my mascara must be:

  • Water drop
  • Make-up removal
    Easy to remove
  • Eyes with teardrop

The mascara that’s suitable for you is

Wonder Perfect Mascara

Wonder Perfect Mascara


Supra Volume Mascara

Supra Volume Mascara


Supra Volume Mascara

Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D Waterproof


  • Choose another mascara
Wonder Perfect Mascara waterproofBlue Lotus

The Clarins Difference:
Care for your lashes…
put on your make-up!

The Lash Boosting Complex:

A 2-in-1 lash care and make-up action. All Clarins mascaras are enriched with a unique booster serum for lashes, formulated by Clarins Research to visibly lengthen and strengthen lashes.

Application after application, your Clarins mascara leaves your lashes thicker and visibly longer. In a single brushstroke, the eyes are more beautiful and your lashes will thank you for it!