Body Care Tips: How to Moisturise Your Body?

What is dry skin?

Dry skin occurs when your skin is lacking in moisture and/or natural oils to properly maintain its function. The result? Uneven skin tone, more noticeable fine lines, and a plethora of skin conditions.

Effects of having dry skin

Prolonged dry skin can result in your skin weakening, which in turn leads to unpleasant experiences such as cracking, bleeding or itchy skin due to dryness. In more severe cases, dry skin can also be the cause of infection as bacteria can enter the body due to the cracks. Its tell-tale signs are red and inflamed areas on the skin, which could lead to unsightly permanent scarring, on top of various health issues. If your dry and dehydrated skin condition is severe, please visit a doctor prior to application of any skincare products.

How to fix dry and dehydrated skin

The good news is that dry and dehydrated skin is something that can be managed as part of your daily routine. Here are a few steps to guide you:

1. Stay hydrated

It may sound obvious, but dry skin is due to a lack of moisture. Help your skin stay ahead of the moisture race by staying hydrated, which can be as easy as drinking plenty of water (2 to 3 litres) and opting for water-rich foods such as berries, watermelons or celery, just to name a few.

2. Exfoliate in moderation

Exfoliation is helpful in removing dry, dead skin, increasing blood circulation and improving your skin’s appearance. We know that when you are struggling with dry skin, it is tempting to just scrub all the dry skin away – but over exfoliating will only irritate your skin more and exacerbate the issue. Limit your exfoliation to 1 to 3 times a week and stick to more gentle solutions.

3. Apply body moisturiser after a shower

Moisturising products that contain shea butter such as our Moisture-Rich Body Lotion work best after a shower, as they help to prevent much-needed moisture from escaping your skin. Apply it before bed for the best effect.

Bonus tip: when showering, stick to warm water instead of hot water as hot water tends to dehydrate skin further.

4. Use products suited for your skin type

With Clarins’ endless dedication in delivering only the best for your skin, you can feel assured that we have solutions that will meet your needs. Yes, including products such as non-sticky body lotions, non-greasy lotions or body serums.

Benefits of using body lotion for dry skin

There are endless benefits for your skin when you regularly apply body lotion, but let’s narrow it down to these 4 key ones:

We talked a lot about keeping your body and skin moisturised, but you shouldn’t forget to care for your hands and feet. These are the very parts of your body that work the hardest for you daily. Remember to keep them moisturised and properly pampered! For more moisturising skincare products, visit here.

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