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Clarins India: Face Treatment Oils

Clarins’ face treatment oils are made from a blend of high quality essential oils extracted from nature’s finest, purest ingredients. If you’re looking for a face oil that is infused with essential oils in India, the Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil is a good choice for you. Made from 100% pure plant extracts, it’s ideal for dehydrated complexions because it restores radiance and hydration to moisture-depleted skin with the help of Rosewood, Patchouli, Blue Orchid and Hazelnut. Blue Orchid helps to rejuvenate and balance the skin tone, while Rosewood contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Those with dehydrated skin are usually at risk for accelerated signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles. The Blue Orchid Treatment Oil contains healthy essential oils for the face that will rescue dry skin.

Another popular face oil in India online is the Lotus Face Treatment Oil. Formulated with Rosemary, Geranium and Lotus Extracts, this non-greasy face oil penetrates quickly into the skin to tighten pores, prevent fine lines and retain moisture so your skin will feel extra soft and smooth within seconds. Infused with Hazelnut Oil, this essential oil for the face protects the skin against dehydration and is suitable for combination or oily skin.

Formulated with Cardamom, Sandalwood and Lavender, the Santal Face Treatment Oil is the perfect face oil for very dry skin. Packed with 100% pure plant extracts, it helps to soothe, comfort and decongest dry, irritated skin while softening and reducing redness. Use this in the evening after applying your toner.

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