Economic responsibility

Economic responsibility

Clarins, a French company and visionary since 1954.

Christian & Olivier Courtin-Clarins

We are committed to Clarins’ independence, which guarantees the sustainability of our family company.”

Christian & Olivier Courtin-Clarins

Jacques Courtin-Clarins with his sons Christian and Olivier.

Jacques Courtin-Clarins with his sons Christian and Olivier.

Jacques Courtin-Clarins with his sons Christian and Olivier.

Following the independent spirit and values of company founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins—so committed to “taking beauty seriously”, Clarins decided not to be paced by the markets, turning its back on the short-termism of the stock exchange in 2008. With bold determination, the Courtin-Clarins family holds the reins of their brand with a strong international influence.

A global player in the cosmetic sector, the brand has continued to expand by creating products that have revolutionised the beauty industry.

Clarins customers are able to access products online and in some 19,000 points of sale,
in 130 countries worldwide.

Respecting customers.

The success of Clarins, which originated in the Institute, is built on listening to women.

The success of Clarins, which originated in the Institute, is built on listening to women.

The success of Clarins, which originated in the Institute, is built on listening to women.
The strength of Clarins lies in women. The success of Clarins lies in respect, in listening to our customers.”

The strength of Clarins lies in women. The success of Clarins lies in respect, in listening to our customers.”

Jacques Courtin-Clarins - Founder

Clarins has always understood the importance of paying close attention to women, creating personal dialogues and listening—from the days of our first Clarins Institute, later with Client Cards and now with Club Clarins.

By understanding the importance women place on beauty—Jacques prided himself on creating serious, effective products that perform as promised, along with exclusive Application Methods that deliver results that are visible, immediate and long-lasting. Priority has always been given to communication on packages, personalised advice, customised products and a variety of textures suited to skin type, age and gender.

Quality standards and products made in France.

Clarins skincare products are manufactured in Pontoise. Clarins is committed to maintaining its “Made-in-France” legacy.

Clarins skincare products are manufactured in Pontoise. Clarins is committed to maintaining its "Made-in-France" legacy.

Clarins skincare products are manufactured in Pontoise. Clarins is committed to maintaining its "Made-in-France" legacy.

Responsible Beauty means developing safe formulas. The Clarins Laboratories consider the traceability of raw materials, their quality and gentleness as central to their requirements.

Our commitment to Responsible Beauty is evident in the extreme attention paid to best practices—whether in terms of research, testing or customer safety.

In 2007, the Clarins Laboratories were the first in to receive an A grade in, the best grade issued by the French National Medication Safety Agency. The Cosmetic Vigilance Department was established within the Laboratories to monitor any reactions that have occurred after using a Clarins product.

In developing cutting-edge concepts and formulas, Clarins adheres to a fundamental guideline: relying on its own laboratories to control every stage of production. Formulation, safety, assessment, microbiology, phyto-chemistry, packaging, regulations—each Clarins team weighs in with the most advanced development tools.

To guarantee traceability and optimal control over manufacturing conditions, all skincare products are made in France.

Respecting employees.

Clarins holds the men and women contributing to the company’s success in high esteem: our employees, growers, suppliers and all of our partners.

As the vital force behind the company—Clarins makes the well-being, safety and personal fulfilment of its 10,000 employees a top priority.

Clarins employs 10,000 people worldwide

Clarins employs 10,000 people worldwide. A responsibility taken seriously.

Clarins employs 10,000 people worldwide. A responsibility taken seriously.
A passion for beauty and sustainability, shared by the entire team, has been key to our success.”

A passion for beauty and sustainability, shared by the entire team, has been key to our success.”

Jacques Courtin-Clarins - Founder

Architects of Clarins’ success—and of thenbsp;implementation of its social commitments—during their orientation seminars, employees learn about the company’s sustainable development challenges, and Clarins’ vision of Responsible Beauty.

Each is responsible, on a daily basis, for driving the values of this unique family, and is proud to help develop these principles.

Fair trade.

Christian Courtin-Clarins in the centella asiatica collection area in Madagascar

Christian Courtin-Clarins in the centella asiatica collection area in Madagascar. Purchases of this ingredient contribute to a development aid program.

Christian Courtin-Clarins in the centella asiatica collection area in Madagascar. Purchases of this ingredient contribute to a development aid program.

Whenever possible, Clarins develops long-term partnerships consistent with fair trade practices—combining social aid and economic development with the cultivation of the plants required to create Clarins formulas.

In 2008, Clarins signed its first agreement of this type—combining the purchase of raw materials with assistance granted to small producers and their local communities through fairer compensation, improved living conditions and access to health and education.

For the HydraQuench range—which uses katafray as its key effective ingredient—5% of the raw material purchase price goes to a fund dedicated to financing community interest projects —including building classrooms, and strengthening water access infrastructures—right where the producers of this ingredient live, Madagascar.

Clarins is a founding member of the Natural Resources Stewardship Council—an industry initiative dedicated to improving the sourcing of ingredients.