What’s the best skincare routine for dry skin?

Why does my skin feel dry?

Does your skin feel uncomfortable? Does it feel itchy and tight? These signs show that your skin is undoubtedly dry and lacking in water and lipids. This deficiency prevents your skin's hydrolipidic film from protecting the surface of the epidermis, which causes skin becomes more sensitive to external factors as a result. Dry weather, a spike in pollution levels and biting winds can all do significant damage when skin is in this state. Skin loses its suppleness and feels tight, it feels rough and redness appears on the surface.

Start pampering your skin

To avoid dry skin, prioritise restoring your skin’s hydrolipidic film with skin-soothing treatments and a good daily skincare regime. Start your morning and night beauty routine with an ultra-mild cleanser. The Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs is ideal for removing make-up and impurities as gently as possible. This cleansing milk is a blend of softening plant extracts such as Alpine Herbs, St. John’s Wort, Sweet Almond, Marshmallow and Linden, leaving skin supple and refreshed after use. Use your fingers to gently massage rather than cotton pads or wipes, which can impair your skin's natural barrier. Once your skin is clean and dry, apply a rich or creamy moisturiser.

Treat your face to a full-on moisture soak with the SOS Comfort Mask for dry skin once or twice a week for an extra nourishing boost. This ultra-rich balm mask with Wild Mango Butter soothes the driest skin in just minutes. Infused with mango extract, it helps protect skin from drying and leaves skin supple and hydrated.

It’s not just your face - your body needs pampering too! To keep the moisture level balanced while showering, use a gentle cleanser with a neutral pH. Next, apply the Moisture-Rich Body Lotion, which nourishes and soothes dry skin. Follow up with our Tonic Body Treatment Oil. This treatment oil is one of Clarins’ best-selling firming body oil. It includes powerful plant extracts such as Rosemary, Geranium and Mint, which restores skin elasticity and smoothens the appearance of stretch marks. Its 100% plant extract formula is perfect for nourishing skin and protects skin from dehydration. It is suitable for all skin types, and especially recommended for women during pregnancy.

Make some positive changes to your lifestyle

For healthy skin, remember to drink 1.5 litres of water a day. This is key to ensuring optimum hydration levels and giving your skin the moisture it craves. As far as possible, avoid irritating your skin with air-conditioning and heavily polluted locations.

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