Responsible Beauty

Responsible Beauty at Clarins

At the core of Clarins is a love of people and the planet.
We believe that beauty comes from the heart and is expressed by taking action. Here's what we're doing to help.

Environmental Responsibility

Because our values are based on an abiding respect for nature and the environment, we are accelerating our initiatives to build a more sustainable future by 2025. Reaching carbon neutral status in 2020, we are committed to further reducing our carbon footprint by 30% and using 100% recycled packaging. We plan to achieve 100% sustainable ingredient sourcing, optimise traceability, and have 80% of our natural ingredients grown organically.


Economic Responsibility

Year after year, our business continues to grow by creating the highest-quality, cutting-edge plant formulas. We invest in the well-being of our employees, and support the social and economic development of the communities that harvest our ingredients through Fair Trade agreements.


Responsible Innovation

Clarins sees sustainable development as an opportunity to pioneer pressing issues, initiate new rules and practices, set forth new challenges, and commit ourselves with conviction and generosity.