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Clarins India: Lipsticks

Looking for the right lipstick makeup isn’t easy, you have to find the perfect colour, texture and formula for your lips. Chapped lips usually happen when the lipstick lacks moisturising properties. Thankfully, Clarins’ Joli Rouge collection sheds a new light on lipstick makeup in India.

The Joli Rouge lipstick is a classic lipstick that is infused with a rich, creamy formula which leaves your lips feeling soft, comfortable and moisturised. This moisture-rich formula provides nourishment to your lips, while delivering a flawless satin finish. Made with mango oil and organic Salicornia extract, this lipstick has been proven to moisturise and hydrate your lips in a delicate satin finish for up to 6 hours. Buy this lipstick online and choose from a wide range of 15 pretty colours.

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