Joli Rouge Lacquer
The super-hydrating Joli Rouge Lacquer stick.

  • Vinyl Finish


    Vinyl Finish

    An intense colour and a vinyl-like shine thanks to a highly pigmented makeup stick.

  • Hydrates & Nourishes


    Hydrates & Nourishes

    Enriched with ultra-moisturising Organic Salicornia extract, nourishing plant oils and waxes to soften, plump and protect lips day after day.

  • Glide On With Ease


    Plus Minus

    The first Joli Rouge Lacquer stick by Clarins.

    The first Joli Rouge Lacquer stick by Clarins.

    Joli Rouge Laquer incorporates all The basic packaging elements of a Joli Rouge Lacquer, but when opened, it’s a stick!J19

    Glide On With Ease


    Slanted edge stick follows the exact contours of lips for mistake-proof applicable. Creamy, melting texture leaves lips smooth and incredibly kissable.

Let Joli Rouge Lacquer surprise you

Joli Rouge Lacquer,
whatever you say goes!

Dare to wear the vinyl…

Joli Rouge

Joli Rouge

And to change it up a bit…

All the Joli Rouge Lacquer shades are also available in Joli Rouge,
and Joli Rouge Velvet.


Choose your favourite shade

  • 705 705 soft berry
  • 732 732 grenadine
  • 742 742 joli rouge
  • 744 744 plum
  • 760 760 pink cranberry
  • 761 761 spicy chili
  • 762 762 pop pink

Choose your finish
Satin / Matte /

Lips Preview 705V 705C 705S 705L 732V 732C 732S 732L 742V 742C 742S 742L 744C 744S 744L 760V 760C 760S 760L 761V 761C 761S 761L 762L

Shade 754deep red

  • 705SATIN
  • 705MATTE
  • 705LACQUER

Discover the Joli Rouge for irresitible lips