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Frequently asked questions

Skincare tips: How to treat dehydrated skin?

All skin types can suffer from dehydrated skin. Choosing the right hydrating skincare products is crucial. Learn about the causes of dehydrated skin and how to treat it!

Beginner’s Makeup Guide: How To Choose and Apply Foundation?

Long-lasting, even and flawless make-up starts with the correct foundation application. Get beginner's tips on how to apply foundations!

Body Care Tips: Why Should I Exfoliate with a Body Scrub?

Exfoliating body scrubs remove dead skin to reveal healthier complexions. Learn more about the benefits of body scrubs and how to use them!

Body Care Tips: How To Prevent And Lighten Stretch Mark?

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to stretch marks caused by pregnancy. Learn how you can lighten and prevent stretch marks now!

Mens’ Skincare Routine Tips: Oily Skin

Men's oily faces can't be easily solved with mattifying powders and foundation. A complete skincare regimen with the right face care products are the key to purifying and revitalising oily skin.

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