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Classic Membership
Join us as a Club Clarins member with any purchase at an authorised Clarins store or
Gold Membership
Accumulate a minimum of $1,500 over 12 months* to become a privileged Club Clarins Gold member.
*up until your last purchase date at any authorised Clarins store or
Member Privileges
Beauty has never been so rewarding! A journey full of exclusive experiences and fabulous rewards starts at Club Clarins.
Classic Membership
Gold Membership
Points Earning
$1 = 1
Club Clarins points
$1 = 1.5
Club Clarins points
Welcome Gift
2-piece gift
400 Club Clarins points +
1x 30-min treatment1
Instant Redemption of Full-Sized Retail Products
Birthday Double Bonus Points2
20% off during birthday month3
Complimentary Face / Body Treatment in birthday month
Exclusive Invitation to Club Clarins Events & Launch Previews
1 Limited to a 1-time redemption per Club Clarins Gold Member at Clarins Open Spa at Plaza Singapura or Westgate.
2 Not applicable on first transaction for new Club Clarins members.
3 Only at Clarins Boutiques at ION Orchard, Parkway Parade, Plaza Singapura, Vivocity, Westgate or Not applicable on first transaction.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. How do I earn points?
    Every $1 spent on any Clarins product is equivalent to one point, inclusive of your initial purchase. Purchases made at duty-free counters are not eligible for points earning.
  • 2. When can I start redeeming my rewards?
    Redemption starts from 250 Club Clarins Points onwards. You may redeem any item from the Redemption Catalogue as long as you have sufficient points. Each member is limited to a redemption limit of 3 pieces per item per month.
  • 3. How do I redeem my rewards?
    You may redeem your rewards by:
    Submitting your Redemption Request online here or completing an official Redemption Request Form at any authorised Clarins counter.

    Please choose only one mode of submission. If you are redeeming at an authorised Clarins counter, collection of your redemption item is immediate, subject to availability.

    In the case of online Redemption Request, once it has been received and approved, you will be notified for collection within 7 working days. Note that collection must be made within 14 days from date of notice, otherwise your redemption request will be considered void.
  • 4. How do I check my Club Clarins Point Balance?
    You will be updated on your Club Clarins Points summary via our monthly Club Clarins e-Statements. Alternatively, contact your preferred authorised Clarins counter or email to
  • 5. Can I carry my points to the next year after my points have expired?
    No, Club Clarins Points are valid for 12 calendar months – points accumulated monthly will expire at the end of the same month next year. For example: If you spend $200 in Jan 2018, the 200 points earned will only expire in Jan 2019. Please see the illustration below:
  • 6. Am I allowed to combine points with my friends?
    No, each member is allowed to use the Club Clarins Points they earn within their own membership and may not combine Club Clarins points in any other way.
  • 7. Will my redemption rewards be shipped to me?
    No, redemption rewards will have to be collected in-store at your selected Clarins counter, after our Beauty Advisor has contacted you with collection details.
  • 8. Can I redeem multiples of the same item?
    Each customer is only limited to redeem 3 of the same item/set each time. This is to allow all our Club Clarins members to be able to enjoy the full range of our Redemption Catalogue.
  • 9. I am a Club Clarins Gold Member. When does my Gold Membership expire?
    Your Gold Membership status is valid for 365 days from the date you first joined Club Clarins Gold. For example, if you first joined Club Clarins Gold on 1 Jan 2018, your Gold Membership is valid until 1 Jan 2019. If you spend a minimum of $1,500 by 1 Jan 2019 to renew, it will be extended again to 1 Jan 2020.

    If you are unsure, please check with the Beauty Advisors at any authorised Clarins counter or email
  • 10. Can I transfer my Spa Treatment redemption rewards to someone else?
    No, redemption rewards are non-transferrable.