Body Care Tips: How to Get Slim, Cellulite-Free Thighs?

Feeling self-conscious about how your thighs might look in shorts and miniskirts is absolutely normal. Many deem their thighs to be thicker than ideal or are unsatisfied about them being riddled with cellulite. With the latter being the most common concern, many have sought solutions as to how to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Thankfully, getting smooth and cellulite-free legs can be easily achieved. Here’s a quick guide on how to get the thighs of your dreams, without cellulite:

Step 1: Cut The Calories

Our daily diet mainly determines our body figure and health. Start by eating fewer calories and moving more to ensure that you do shed those first few pounds. Doing this will allow for your legs to shed the fat, and you will soon see results overall.

Food-wise, stick to lower-calorie but nutritionally-dense meals that comprise lean proteins, whole grains and fibrous vegetables and fruits. Calorie counting apps would assist you in keeping track of your intake, which will aid in getting your legs into a shapely form.

Step 2: Exfoliate

To make room for change to happen, especially the thighs, one needs to prepare the skin for it. To achieve this, allow yourself some time, once or twice a week, to give your body a good scrub with the Exfoliating Body Scrub. Not only does this help to firm your body, but it will also refresh and moisturise your skin. The scrub’s Natural Bamboo Powders and hints of Ginger will help get rid of impurities, dead skin cells and flakiness while stimulating skin cell renewal. Your skin will then look polished, smooth and soft.

Step 3: Apply a body cream

The best option for this is Clarins’ best-selling Body Fit. Formulated with Quince Leaf extracts, which target the factors responsible for the appearance of cellulite, it boosts the ability to counter cellulite from the first application alone, so this anti-slimming expert is definitely a must in your goal to achieve slimmer legs and get rid of cellulite on your thighs. Apply this cream in the morning and/or at night with gentle smoothing motions, working your way up from the ankles to the waist. Pay special attention to the thighs, hips and buttocks if your goal is to reshape them.

Step 4: Massage Often

It is a well-known fact that cellulite can affect anybody at any age. However, it can somehow manifest through genetics, age and dietary and lifestyle habits such as smoking. In essence, toxins play a huge part in the appearance of cellulite, and can even worsen it.

Hence, it is a good idea to get a massage often and make it a part of your lifestyle. Not only do massages help to contour the body, but it will also drain it of damaging toxins that are responsible for cellulite on your thighs. In fact, you can even give yourself a massage. By using body treatment oil such as the Tonic Body Treatment Oil two or three times a week, you will then begin to see a significant decrease in your cellulite.

Step 5: Contouring is Caring

Supplement your massage sessions with more contouring care such as the Body Shaping Cream, which would aid in fighting stubborn fat. It reduces the look of stubborn curves, while the caffeine will work its slimming magic on your thighs.

Step 6: Targeted Thigh Exercises

The first step to creating change in your body is to exercise more. That can mean something as simple as taking your dog out for a walk every day for 30 minutes or hiking up the stairs more often.

For days when you have a little more time and energy, you can opt for targeted exercises that directly require your legs to do all work such as squats, lunges and more. Not sure where or how to start? Get on YouTube in the comfort of your home and work up a sweat. No gym memberships required!

Step 7: Be Patient and Kind

Last but not least, it is easy to get into a new routine and find yourself wanting to give up easily after. With that in mind, remind yourself to cut yourself some slack, and relax. Progress will come soon enough, especially if you are doing the right things and using the right products!

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